Friday, November 02, 2007


have you ever mistaken me as someone who plays world of warcraft? out of nowhere i was bumped onto a project involving world of warcraft. i promise you that i know jack-all about this game. asking people who do is not helpful as they immediately launch into spiels of unintelligible game-relate jargon.

as a stress reliever before the crit i went about pestering geeks, pretending to have it confused with lord of the rings. "can we add in some hobbits for warmth?" or consulting a guy from work, for example...

me: hey how's this for a World of Warcraft headline:
"YOUR QUEST BEGINS... in Mordor"

mike: Mordor is not a place in WoW lore.

{seriously, dudes, he said "lore"...}

me: what? no it totally is. i remember the mountains and the floating eyeball thing....

mike: here is a map of WoW
Mordor is lord of the rings

me: well, same thing.

mike: negative

me: potayto/potahto, my friend.

also here is the long-promised photo from kathleen's wedding... in mooooordooooor.

(click for larger img)

Thursday, November 01, 2007

something wicked-cool this way comes (a grossly belated halloween special)

simple, better ideas to get the most out of halloween:

trick or treat: use trick-or-treating more efficiently. for example, an excuse to clean out your closet. i know we have some old CDs, socks and towels that probably should be drug out to the corner. why bother, when obnoxiously expectant children come knocking on your door with big bags?

"trick or treat, huh? here's a broken pc monitor."

costume contest: judging children isn't wrong. how could it be? especially when they line up outside in gay little costumes. gay.

princess = ultimate unoriginality
hobo = you were too lazy to get a real costume
bumblebee = you will probably be a virgin until you die
cat = either you'll get knocked up before you graduate or you'll wind up with a lonely apartment full of kitties and an overwhelming meg ryan dvd collection.

carve pumpkins: into something more interesting than pumpkins.