Saturday, September 12, 2009

give me a jingle.

gentle reader.
what is the haps?


gentle readers, you'll be ambivalent-at-least (gentle author hopes) to know i've oodles. and i mean, just scads, of time now to keep up with you. the uh, other side to this happy news is: that's because i've been laid off.

i wonder if this is going to be like woodstock - "you get laid off in the recession? do any kooky jobs? no? too bad, you missed out."

and i think, that now is the perfect time to get a kooky job. going back to school is not an iron that's not in the fire. (all double negatives point to: i might go for my masters?) and also make lists. but also some of these lists are about the kooky jobs i want to try my hand at. they range from editing and journalism work to apprenticing as a butcher, being a bookshop girl (mostly for the sweet, sweet employee discounts and also so i can spit in all the copies of harry potter & twilight...) to the most mundane of handy tasks.

see, i'm wondering what the results would be if i print up some posters for handy-type jobs, but with a writer's spin. see below:

"prefer your dog to be walked by an erudite, witty logophile? writer interested in trying hand. give me a jingle."

"want a housekeeper who can make pristine beds and leave book recommendations and mixtapes? neo-renaissance hipster girl w/housekeeping and mixtape-ing experience interested. give me a jingle."

if you can think of any fun job ideas - let me know. i am game, and game again dudes.

at the very least, now is the time to (re-)read betty macdonald's Anybody Can Do Anything.