Thursday, June 11, 2009

just so you know...

"The Spring Peeper Frog makes a sound like jingling sleigh bells, and the Green Frog resembles the twang of a banjo string."

Monday, June 01, 2009

"srsly", dudes.

don't turn up your nose when i say:

this summer, i hardily encourage you to use "txt" & "meme"-driven lingo in your day-to-day dialogue. if you don't get the inherent fun in saying "L-O-L" and "O-M-G" out loud - you're not doing it right. dig a little - the fun is there. i promise.

you just have to find that certain inflectional sweet spot...

i mean, i "heart" grammar as much as the next copywriter. but this trend won't last forever (ideally)... so take advantage of this brief window of opportunity. shoo off your druthers and take a moment, tell someone that you heart them. whisper a little "oh em gee." squint your eyes and indulge in a sweet little "el oh el".

when you can comfortably drop the weighty sound of implied quotation marks, you'll find that a friendly "whatevs" policy becomes you.


here. you can use this to practice:

there comes a time in every young woman's life. . .

...when she has to fill out an annual self-assessment form for work.

survey says: "yuck."

in a perfect world - a world where i could simply follow my heart - following my heart meaning, cutting out & pasting these aspirational wolf pictures to apply where appropriate:

in that perfect world, i would happily fill out my self-assessment.

in the real world, where it means half-contemplating words like "leadership" and "timeliness" and trying to turn them into applicable vocabulary words... my enthusiasm falls a little short.

maybe my HR & my performance manager just won't believe how well the wolf pictures work, til they see it with their own eyes.

(dear readers: i'm not gonna lie. i miss you, but i've been on twitter.)