Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What's Up, Pitches?

i had too much coffee.

do you know what that means?

i do.

it means: instead of accomplishing fuck-all of significance, i have instead written a rap song ("Put Your Butt On My Butt") and drawn up a few pitches for tv shows of varying seriousness and quality. not that i have ever before shown any interest, to any degree, in screen-writing.

pitch, the first:
"On The Straight & Narrow"or "Narrow Paths"
(a Logo network roommate-slash-dramedy.)

Roommates and ultra-competitive queens at a growing drag venue in Montreal, Tony (from Italy) and Santiago (from Chile), are both red-blooded nationalists with fiery (MUY CALIENTE!/MOLTO CALDO!) personalities that often conflict. But at the end of the day... their countries are both SUPER NARROW and it brings them together.

...and during the day they work in a hospital.

(it may not bring home the awards, but, my god the people will watch.)

pitch, the second:
"Art & Copy" or "Ad Nauseum"

Arthur (Art) is a young copywriting intern at a major advertising agency, in this NBC comedy that is, to put it simply, a Scrubs version of Mad Men.

pitch, the third:
(untitled) -- potentially "This One Time, At" or "Hype Machine"

Roommates Phil and Alexander decide to impress girls they meet at a concert by pretending to run an indie record label. Snowballing, as these comedic situations are wont to do, Phil and Alex must sustain this lie by not only juggling the obligations of an indie label's PR and recording demands, but by also inventing and pretending to be the bands listed under their "label"--pulling in their roommate Penelope (and occasionally her off-beat friend who just goes by "Whistle") to help play in the various bands or swap being manager. Features token indie trends from Chillwave to Shoegaze to Witch House, etc, possibly one band/trend per episode.