Tuesday, August 28, 2007

at the red hot center of marketing and advertising...


i made my first marketing chart based on the content in boring charts.

mine, i hope you will find, is less like some clinical diagram of ineffectual birth control methods, or that pipe dreams screensaver.

...what else is there to say, besides, "ta da"?

Thursday, August 09, 2007

feelings are boring. fight clubs are awesome.

so i went to a certain someone's blog today. someone very high up in my company, in a different branch. it had "Logic + Emotion" as the title, written in gigantic, ooshy-skooshy letters at the top. seriously, "emotion"? i ask you this: what is wrong with marketers today?

another blog fwd'd around the company this AM featured the writer practicing tai chi in front of classical statues.

it's like they're the new hippies. only more educated-you think they'd know better, frankly. i didn't expect this from you guys. i sure, sure didn't. where is the machiavellian spirit i'd expected when i got into this industry? where is the barbarian survival tactics? more importantly, what's with all this 'hug each other to buy stuff' crap?

get it together, man. get it together.

start a fight club or something. eat more red meat. let's BBQ and smash beer cans and talk about how tobacco should be marketed to fetuses. whatever it takes to drown out your currently prevalent inner Florence Nightingale.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

things that make you go, "oh snap!"

my new most-favourite web banner in the world.

oh no they di-in't.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

don't talk to me mom, i'm a murderer!

if you didn't know that i was a horrible person already, here's some news for you. you can now chalk up "pigeon-murderer" among my other cold-hearted assets.

here's a picture of the state of rhianna's windows when we moved into the apartment. yes, our apartment building is one of the many blessed with pigeons. pigeons upon pigeons upon pigeons. who fancy ripping the window screens and having multiple, hideous pigeon progeny. sometimes. sometimes the eggs don't hatch and simply sit around attracting bugs. hooray.

so yesterday, rhianna and i found a pigeon huddled in the corner of the back balcony/fire-escape, we didn't hesistate to shoo the little bastard away. well that was no ordinary bastard. it was a mommy bastard. two little eggs sat in that nest. that nest full of parasites and blossoming bird diseases. we didn't want to just sweep the nest away, since there are cars parked below... so we threw the eggs off into the great beyond, swept out the branches, disease, etc...

two minutes later, our neighbour is pounding on our back door, completely mortified that we could do such a thing to little baby pigeons. the diseased, terrible, micro-infestation of pigeons that we eliminated. he seemed like he was trying to make some point about how either we didn't pay rent (what kind of deal does he think we have with adam?) or how the pigeon paid rent... he gave up and left, simply telling us we were "cold-hearted".

yeah, like the paula abdul song.

i have to note, rhianna was the one confronting him at the door. i honestly wanted to step in, but i didn't think laughing in his face would make matters any better.

we have this bad feeling that since he's the resident plumber...we may have screwed ourselves over.