Friday, November 02, 2007


have you ever mistaken me as someone who plays world of warcraft? out of nowhere i was bumped onto a project involving world of warcraft. i promise you that i know jack-all about this game. asking people who do is not helpful as they immediately launch into spiels of unintelligible game-relate jargon.

as a stress reliever before the crit i went about pestering geeks, pretending to have it confused with lord of the rings. "can we add in some hobbits for warmth?" or consulting a guy from work, for example...

me: hey how's this for a World of Warcraft headline:
"YOUR QUEST BEGINS... in Mordor"

mike: Mordor is not a place in WoW lore.

{seriously, dudes, he said "lore"...}

me: what? no it totally is. i remember the mountains and the floating eyeball thing....

mike: here is a map of WoW
Mordor is lord of the rings

me: well, same thing.

mike: negative

me: potayto/potahto, my friend.

also here is the long-promised photo from kathleen's wedding... in mooooordooooor.

(click for larger img)


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