Thursday, August 09, 2007

feelings are boring. fight clubs are awesome.

so i went to a certain someone's blog today. someone very high up in my company, in a different branch. it had "Logic + Emotion" as the title, written in gigantic, ooshy-skooshy letters at the top. seriously, "emotion"? i ask you this: what is wrong with marketers today?

another blog fwd'd around the company this AM featured the writer practicing tai chi in front of classical statues.

it's like they're the new hippies. only more educated-you think they'd know better, frankly. i didn't expect this from you guys. i sure, sure didn't. where is the machiavellian spirit i'd expected when i got into this industry? where is the barbarian survival tactics? more importantly, what's with all this 'hug each other to buy stuff' crap?

get it together, man. get it together.

start a fight club or something. eat more red meat. let's BBQ and smash beer cans and talk about how tobacco should be marketed to fetuses. whatever it takes to drown out your currently prevalent inner Florence Nightingale.


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My office Monday morning 08.00.

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