Thursday, March 15, 2007

kaylen, beware the ides of march

in light of the ides of march, i woke up to a head that'd been stabbed by the vicious, mutinous blades of a headcold. a really gross model of the headcold variety, that has left me in an incapacitated state beyond the most groggy of morning hazes... i honestly could not move until well after 10. but i am a busy girl and i attempted to go and get work done at the local coffee shop.

oh, it was not meant to be.

besides not being able to taste my carrot cake & raisin muffin (very sad), i was tired of finding discreet ways to blow my nose. everyone around me was perking up at my sniffles and sneezes. so, when my laptop battery died, i trudged home. walking hurt more than i expected.

i am now a downed lady, left to watch cnn chatter and sniffle over a mint-leaf-laden bowl of spicy sate soup and making pained 'mrrrrrr' sounds. besides the 'mrrrrrr' sounds, it's not a bad set up.

long live caesar.


Blogger Idoru said...

who did we aquire this from? I'm guessing someone at charles' party. Who there was sick? We should hunt them down like the headcold giving dog they are.

9:51 AM  
Blogger kaylen said...

dude you forget my roommate is a teacher. he's like rolling in dirty little uterus monsters daily...

plus i heard your sister was sick. maybe you were the dark messenger?

10:30 AM  

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