Saturday, March 03, 2007

shush... don't say a word (you delicious mangos)

Sounds like maybe they were talking back to you.

well, anonymous person;

i don't know why you said that, but i'm glad you did.

you see, my friends, i spent a night thinking how awesome that would be: to have little interludes with my dinner ingredients as i'm preparing dinner. i could go through the grocery store, talking to my ingredients, making them prove their prowess by answering random trivia or freestylin', before i pick them.

but today, the clouds of doubt and suspicion have descended across my brow... and i'm pretty sure that's not a good idea at all. the delicately wonderful relationship i share with food would be put to the test- i'm sure there are certain foods i would gladly shove in my mouth but i'm sure they'd never hold up in a real conversation. like mangos. sigh. i could see myself hating a talkative mango and that is something i don't want to dwell on... having a better relationship with, say, flax seeds... just isn't worth the cost of a good mango.

no talking foods for me, now or ever.

in fact, i wish i could talk to more people like they were inanimate.


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