Friday, March 02, 2007

good banana bread, but still...

okay. i tend to talk to things in the grocery store.

"where do peppers live..oh there you are, peppers. who's lookin' to party? hey pretty baby-in my sack you go. any other takers? oh i don't want you, you're too spicy for me...whew!"

today, i get home and laid out before me, they are strangers to me, all. the only thing i can say to them is a squinting, "wait a minute... who are you guys?". what on earth possessed me to get: gigantic asian noodles; a sack of dark baking chocolate (i do not even like dark chocolate!); a can of corn; pinto beans; yams; and a loaf of banana bread?

it's good banana bread, but still...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like maybe they were talking back to you.

3:46 AM  

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