Friday, March 09, 2007

bridal gowns for kathleen from

and my personal favourite:


Anonymous Kathleen said...

I have been inspired by the beauty of the stars and stripes dress, and I think I need to do my patriotic duty; close my eyes and think of the colonies if you will. I now plan to wear an expansive ballgown embroidered with maple leaves, hemmed with baby seal fur, and embellished with the richest plaid handed down by the generations of lumberjacks and farm mechanics that were my ancestors. My gently curled locks will be wreathed with gilded snow goose feathers and pine buds. I will glide princesslike in slippers crafted from the finest Canadian Tire rubber with felt lining. To accessorize the ensemble, jewellery carved of caribou antler and walrus tusk, fine elbow gloves with a flap to cover my delicate exposed findertips, and a Hudson's Bay wool blanket wrap. Lingerie? Well I am a lady, but since you asked, custom fitted silk long johns with a pearl buttoned emergency door.
Sigh, it's so romantic...

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