Wednesday, March 07, 2007

the only punctuation in taiwan, apparently...

i mix with australians about as well as angry cats mix with other angry cats. my level of sarcasm/offensive humour directly triggers their australian-grade touchiness. the only benefit, is that special 'hey, someone who is stupid sent me hatemail" glow... anyhow, it's not news to anyone. but on top of the aussies, i find it impossible to enjoy most asian cultures. maybe the heightened deliciosity of their cuisine is to compensate for how much 'horrible' their mouths produce when not occupied.

the japanese enthusiasm, in particular, is a baffling brand of energy that is so intense, it breaches all code of 'niceness' that i associate with the demure, western enthusiasm... it really is energetic to the point of being abrasive (to delicate, little, western souls such as mine).

i am wondering if this is just an isolated case, or if i should knock taiwan off my list of nice-enthusiasm countries . here is only a fraction of an email specifying our business card print hoo-ha...

Corner edge - is that 4 rounded corners, like a credit card?

YES, the corner edge is 4 rounded corners just like a credit card, but
more rounded!!
which means have bigger radius, it's about 25 pix!!
Just check the box in the info chart. You don't really need to make a
card with corners!!
When i send the file to print, i will tell them to cut the corners!!

- Varnish, does that cost more?

The varnish does cost more than normal paper!!
But doesn't need to cost extra !!
The price is on the list for NO.5 and NO.10 papers!!
The difference between these 2 cards is NO.5 only has one side varnish,
but the NO.10 card has 2 sides with Varnish! and NO.10 is more thicker!
The varnish part can do anything they want to be!!

- Do you need a file for the embossing - similar to the varnish?


seriously? every sentence ending in two exclamation points.
that is some hideous business, right there.


Anonymous Claire said...

AIN'T IT THOUGH?!!!!?!?!!!!

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