Sunday, March 04, 2007

the 22's

in light of having my birthday overshadowed by the impending wedded bliss of kathleen & peter (on my birthday, birthday) i decided to go to the handy link in rhianna's blog, listing every holiday and find out where mine fell on the established "lumpy rug" through "sea monkies" scale.

22 Business Women's Day

22 Elephant Appreciation Day

22 International Rabbit Day - Fourth Saturday in September

22 Oktoberfest

i dig elephants. boy, you know i love bunnies. a good oktoberfest? you betcha. business women would only be fun if they let me stand there squishing their shoulder pads. i used to do that to my mother. she stopped taking me to work, because i'd shamelessly reach over, squeeze her shoulder pad and say "SQUISH!", regardless of company... also, i tended to talk very loudly while drawing out stories on that fun printer paper that was connected all together... i miss that paper.

PS, kathleen & peter regarding future use of september 22nd: that day is mine and i'm just lending it to you the once. because i love you. but only once. anniversaries? you will have to scram. i hear the 21st is nice. some people prefer the 23rd. one or the other will have to do you, though.


Anonymous Katzen said...

Hey, you can borrow our open bar...

And I'm sure I won't remember our anniversay anyway and Peter will pout until I bake him a cake and then he will love me again.


9:32 PM  

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