Friday, March 16, 2007

300- the movie that totally blew me...


people. sigh. hi. i am cranky. cranky and really bored. do you have anything to share? pictures, songs? i would even accept youtube links, though even when i know i'll enjoy the link, i tend to resist. watching movies online hurts my eyeballs. what's that about? not the youtube thing. i mean the fact that my nose is leaking something that isn't even snot. it's like nose-water. like my nose is crying nose tears.

that's your attractive mental image of me, for today. tomorrow, i'll be back to hamstrings or something...

i feel sorry about how much time slipped through my hands this weekend, especially since i wasted a night or so out with the fellas... charles was nice enough to randomly snatch me up for a concert and movie. which movie? 300.

i thought peter was kidding, but no: i am a girl with the bloodlust. also a girl with raging appreciation of men in leather battle-panties. besides that and the flaming xerxes (want some jasmine flavoured butter to go with that ancient grain bread? yeah you know what i mean...), it was a bit gay how much they relied on their shields. but they had the war-assets (hee...assets) to back it up. also infanticide. seriously, 9 months is a small window to debate keeping a baby. try it on for a few weeks. months. whatever.

anyhow. 90% eye candy, some questionable narration* and nipple shots aplenty. lots of eye candy. my advice would be to take your kid to see this movie, and if they cry, whimper, or show any form of not enjoying sexy battle...? leave them on a hill. or send them to the death trap that is my apartment, to amuse and/or make food/drink decisions for me. you know how much i hate tea, but lordy have i been drinkin' it... also, i can't figure out what to eat. i consumed three bagels earlier, just so i'd not have to think about this kind of stuff for longer. it didn't really work so well as just making me feel uncomfortable.

the back of my hair dye box advised i go to for consultation. i thought that might be interesting, but before i could get there i was sidetracked by a link to 'animated zen'- zen? bubbles. really, they are bubbles, which they call "animated virtual companions"... i am bored, but i am not so pathetic as to download friends. bubble friends.... actually i am, but it's only for PC.

i watched an old interview with woody allen where he mentioned having for breakfast: "english muffin ladled with honey and myrrh." yeah, i love him...


i am totally angry with my head. my head is a big jerk. big, leaky, jerk head.

*note: if your voice is made to boom across a theatre in surround sound, you better have some tight editing and make sure you don't refer to a group of men as being 'hard' unless you mean they actually do have erections...


Anonymous samantha said...

I LOVED 300!! It was so awesome...I want to see it again. You can't go wrong with sexy men fighting :)
What color did you dye your hair?
All of us are one big group of disease. My sister, me and my mom are all sick, as are you. Suck.

1:15 AM  

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