Thursday, March 15, 2007

because we are not above complaining

things i can't taste:
. orange juice
. cinnamon raisin bagel with butter*
. the ice cream i got yesterday
. the sticky underside of the envelope flap**
. my lip gloss
. morning glory muffin (carrot cake with raisins and other stuff)
. leftover risotto
. coffee

things i taste, but only slightly:
. spicy sate soup (god bless ye, potent vietnamese soups)

what i need:
. a helper monkey
. to marry this guy

* i am pretty peeved. i got up super early to get those bagels fresh, before the swarming massess carried off my delightful breakfast loops and left me with chocolate chip bagels (oh jesus no) and the hideous few that seem to have been rolled around in bird feeders...

** not really a disappointment.


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