Monday, August 11, 2008

hello again.

a few points to catch up.

1. i cannot get enough of this hangman app on my iphone. though, infuriatingly enough, there is no categorical hint. so when you have one letter's grace and the word is "_an" or "_ove", you're just screwed.

2. i also cannot get enough of this microbrewery, Magic Hat. their #9 "not-quite pale ale", made with apricots? delicious. also, their packaging tickles my fancy with inventive expiration dates and the equivalent of a fortune cookie fortune under the cap. i think my favourite was, "the universe begins immediately to your left".

3. what is it with eggs benedict in this town? scenario one, i order what is supposed to be the best eggs benedict in the city (if you're to take the menu's word for it - and i wouldn't). the hollandaise is a little bland, the canadian bacon 'fine' but the kicker is this: the english muffin was not toasted. totally raw. yuck. second scenario, same place, i order eggs benedict, telling the waitress to make sure the english muffin is toasted. it winds up being brown about the edges but not at all actually toasted, nor crunchy. my roommate orders a side of english muffins. these english muffins? perfectly crisp and toasty. what gives. the third place - much better eggs benedict. i'd go so far as to say, beautiful eggs benedict. very fresh, bright hollandaise sauce. rich, flavourful, but yes, very bright tasting. and the english muffins? only slightly toasted.

4. the dolphin show at the aquarium. i will elaborate later on this experience. but i have seen it three times now and man, each time is a treasure. (sample quote: "fact or fiction! dolphins love to play!"


Blogger mr. john fury said...

i had that very same bottle-cap tacked to my wall during your last sojourn to maine. had it for forever. also salient: trivia question the other night was 'how many hearts does an octopus have' also you have no idea the durrell i have been reading, nor the delany ... little portland is saturated with durrell now and i think it might be my fault.

6:28 PM  
Blogger kaylen said...

it is weird you should mention that. i went to a used bookstore the other day and found some really nice old editions of his Prospero's Cell and Bitter Lemons. also (and here is the drumroll) Arc d'X. two copies of it. in hardback.

12:10 PM  
Anonymous Groucho Marx said...

I have a Magic Hat brewery right up the road from me, yo. Fresh #9 anytime I want. Bet you can't find one of those in your fancy city!

10:05 PM  

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