Tuesday, March 04, 2008

craigslist is where the fun lives.

some odd items on the free list.

TI-83+ Graphing Calculator - BROKEN but may be fixable!
go ahead and calculate the odds that it is.

giant tomato
further description: 2 metre diameter, hollow, fiberglass TOMATO.

hygiene products.
this is particularly sketchy, considering how nondescript and accidental it all appears.
further description: "Hi, i have recently come upon a massive amount of Hygiene Products, Unopened. They range from male/female deodorants, toothpastes, perfumes, hand sanitizer, and body washes."

red converse hightops mens size 5 1/2
... a men's size 5 1/2? no wonder they're free.

free moving boxes
further description: assorted, ordinary moving boxes.
what sets it apart is the guy actually included pictures.

misc items
further description:
assorted cookie tins
assorted cookie cutters
2 baskets ...one decorative gold wire, one for plants
3 decorative candles
a few outdoor Xmas lightbulbs
dustpan and whisk broom
lunch bag
2 plastic serving dishes (never used)
metal lunch box
3 square lids for corning dishes

man, throw in some mis-matched tupperware and single barbie shoes, and it's everything everyone already has and doesn't need.


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