Monday, March 10, 2008

a room with more room.

after getting multiple, obnoxious "no more memory - delete stuff" messages from my powerbook, someone told me that what i needed was an external hard drive. fortunately, someone from our office was giving theirs away for a mere $50. so i took it. and of course had no idea what to do with it after that.

i guess i was hoping i'd just set the hard drive beside my powerbook and it would go something like this:
powerbook: "oh my gosh, i need you so bad."
external hard drive: "oh my gosh i need you too!"
(amorous merging of technology resulting in more room for my mp3s.)

this was not the case. but i somehow muddled through and managed to lose some real space-consuming files.

things that were hogging my memory:
the adventures of pete & pete
print-quality pdfs of shaggy ponies and baby bunnies
a mystery folder of downloaded games and doo-dads called Thing-Stuff for Neat Times
retarded ACAD projects
(i don't know why i'm bothering to preserve information design posters but whatever. if anyone wants STD factoids or mint packagings, let me know? i also have a fascinating timeline exhibit. woo.)

in other news
. the sign in front of nick's juicy pizza place has changed to "COOK PERSON NE ED"

. last week my nytimes sunday showed up on wednesday evening. since this week's issue was missing too, i forecast similar results. what do they not understand about the news? it's news ... by wednesday i don't even want it anymore.

. i have a running buddy! for the last four or five gym visits, this little asian dude who reads geological manuals/graphing textbooks takes up the machine next to me. we don't exchange any words, but seeing as we're the only people reading something other than HARD HARD BODIES and SO FREAKIN' TAN magazine, we have developed an unspoken bond. in my head, i call him "wesley".


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