Monday, March 03, 2008


with rhianna in egypt, i am left to my own devices. imagine tom cruise in risky business , only with opera music, an afro and very tiny pancakes.

my own devices
. poof my hair into an afro
. make tiny pancakes. who knows where this idea came from or why it is so fantastic - but believe me that it is.
. washing dishes to different time signatures. alternating 4/4, 3/4, 5/4, etc.
. looking up videos of kittens trying not to fall asleep on youtube. they just try so hard. but they are just too sleepy.
. watching 4 woody allen movies in a row. whew.
. went around the gym with a bottle of white-out, turning the ". . . ." on tanning posters into the appropriate ". . ."
. bounced my basketball a few times (not a euphemism)
. learned how to play 'mandy' on the banjo
. watching tv at kathleen's house. television, oh boy! (not sarcastic)

in the end? i enjoy being on my own (the place is remarkably clean, i get lots of sleep, i can listen to classical music to my heart's desire...) but there is just no replacement for coming home and curling up on the sofa with someone for a disc or two of sweet, sweet x-files.

rhianna, my dear sweet dude, you are missed big time.


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