Saturday, March 17, 2007

love and goodwill drive your mother's revolution

the practice of blogging, of course, naturally brings up the question: "why blog?" and, "ps- can i make a living in my pyjamas?".

maybe it's because i'm a bad blogger, but i sure as ponies don't do it for "the need to connect. The need to love." no, i will certainly be leaving that to the gay bloggers. the gay hippies who need to connect to things. people. rocks. trees. paperclips. coatracks. marla...

sure, we could pretend. i could pretend to do all this because i need you. but who is that good for, really? if we have learned anything from jr. high, it is that people who need people are creepy and should eat lunch alone. until they learn to be independent, or a "cool outcast". then they'd have half a shot at going to the prom, sometime in highschool.

this seems to be the message perpetuated by the entire interweb as it stands. people who are too cool to need us, are the ones we flock to. people who hold out their arms for a hug? dear needy stranger: no thank you.

besides, people who say 'connect' usually don't even have a notion of what they mean by 'connecting', but they do usually have some experience with mandatory therapy/counseling.

why am i here? i am a woman of mystery. you will just have to suss it out for yourself. look inside your heart, people, and ask yourselves.

ps- you know i love you, right? i do. well. i love the neat stuff you guys have.


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