Friday, June 30, 2006

time to break out my "frantic girls are sexy" dance moves

otherwise known as"mosquitos! mosquitos everywhere!"

the newscaster tonight claimed that this summer's outburst of mosquitos is the nasty "hangover" of last summer's flooding.

a hangover? i do not understand how it is like a hangover. other than you drink and sleep and wake up with something painful. no, sir. this is no hangover. this summer, well, it is more like a nightmarish one night stand. a one-night stand, wherein you drink in and reaped the wonder of massive, mind-blowing thunderstorms (oh boy!) and fall to a drowsy warm winter sleep only to wake up, go along your way...

and then

summer rolls around and you realize that you'd conceived a bazillion bloodthirsty babies, planted them in the soil, and they are now breaking out to hunt you down in droves, feast on your appetizing matter (now made all the moreso appetizing with an average of 8 mangoes a week, x amt of peaches and bananas...) and leave you to your miserable, ravaged flesh.

i am itchy and there are few things that spoil my moods like having to copiously scratch myself. fortunately, all the yoga etc, i can comfortably reach every bit of my back...

but jeez.


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