Tuesday, June 27, 2006

that's the fighting spirit...

maybe it was too much to believe that a room full of willing roller derby candidates could decide on a derby name. through email, no less. it's been a good call on my part to get a seperate email account for the occasion, because it has been pumped to the brim in the last two days.

our list of names was voted on, came down to cyanide city roller girls. and then there was some discrepency about 'girls' vs. 'sistahs'. i will not dwell on how much i'd hate to be in anything involving the word 'sistah'.

then, someone pointed out that when people asked 'what does cyanide city' mean? it is a bit lame to say 'well it sounded nice at the time'.

so on that note, the admin. rooted out a list of names that only had to do with calgary.

# Rodeo Queens Roller Derby
# Wild West Roller Girls
# Sandstone City Roller Derby
# Desperado Dolls Roller Derby
# Stampede City Roller Girls

some of these names, i hate to say, suggest that we may actually be men in skirts. the rest make me feel kind of dirty and tourist-appealing-y.

kathleen, the gem that she is, has suggested we just knock off the two names people didn't like (cyanide city, and red light roller girls) and go back to Hellfire Honeys or Dropkick Marys. i would be pleased with either. particularly dropkick marys.

in other derby news, i have landed on a personal name.

Anais Skin.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, your personal name, at least, is a real winner. Worthy of Jack Kirby's Female Furies: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Female_Furies

12:52 AM  
Blogger echolalias said...

....that is flattering...


honesty time.

i have to be honest, it's a bit creepy that your interests include 'backrubs'...

8:32 PM  

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