Thursday, June 22, 2006

the hills are alive with inept interns

who should be an intern? i should be an intern.

the hills, a shoot-off production of laguna beach:the real OC premiered last night on our single canadian channel, which pumps in MTV. lengthy advertisement breaks and all. now if you know me, you know of my love for laguna beach. not becuase it is good. because it is horrible. it is like the troll doll of tv shows.

laguna beach was a reality series which focused on a group of highschoolers living in laguna beach, california. all excessively rich, excessively tan, and excessively slutty. also, they have excessively entertaining metaphors. the purses/guys it they did, had me in stitches. i will not repeat it for you. you should just watch it (muting out the talk bits in-between splices of show). anyhow. it is a tremendous leap of non-fiction soap opera where every dilemma revoles around an item which costs three times that of my parents' house. and makes for excellent drinking games. take a shot every third time someone says "like", you will not make it home on your own effort.

to warn you: all the girl characters, save one brunett, look exactly the same. honestly, it took me a whole season and a half to be able to comfortably tell them apart.

so, the hills begins with LC getting an interview for an itnernship at teen vogue. of course she got it. despite flailing her way through the interview.

LC: like..i totally love vogue

VP: and teen vogue?

LC:well it's important..and...i love how each issue know an issue. for teens. like i love it. i get all my ideas from there.

i guess being followed around by cameras will get anyone in the door. along with her obnoxious roommate and obnoxious roommate's obnoxious entourage.

first celebrity-peppered event:

LC is working inside the party with strict directions not so much as to sit down or she's gone. her roommate/friends called her cell phone. and said, we're right outside can you get us in? you totally have to get us in. LC looks annoyed. but against her better judgement she asks the other girl working...the other girl proceeds to let them in.... then the roommate/boyfriend got in a huge screaming fight.

well one of the head editors asked LC what her friends were doing. and then the senior editor, the big boss lady came over and said, get them out of this area, no one should be here... we will talk about this monday.

ha ha ha.

i am pretending it doesn't hurt so much not to have an internship myself.


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