Friday, June 23, 2006

roller derby names

what is new with me, you ask? well, in my verve for joining clubs and volunteering places, i have recently joined a start-up roller derby. that's right. an all-girl roller derby. the first in calgary, for that matter. while they are working out which name we're going to get (for the record, i am not getting stuck with anything involving the word 'sistah'. that is so it's a different world) we are also each, individually, coming up with derby names.

i am not sure how familiar you are with roller derbies, but traditionally, you take a sexy/cute name and then give it a scary twist. something that suggests violence. Sometimes the names are famous pin-up girls, movie titles, authors, characters, or even concepts that sound female.

ex: Betty Rage. Punchin Judy. Anna Skarenina.

here are my considerations:

1. Hysterectomy Hannah (that may be a bit too far)
2. Jane Scare (Jane Ire is already taken...)
3. Are You Pregnant? (assuming this is on the back of our team shirts, this may work to my advantage. kind of a surprise/scare tactic. super Sun Tzu, you know.)
4. This Name Serves To Remind You How Much Of A Virgin You Are (insulting. this may also work against me in case their rage makes them stronger. what would Sun Tzu think?)
5. Anne Coulter (just undeniably scary.)


Blogger apk01004 said...

Have you considered Anne Smashaway?

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