Monday, June 26, 2006

i kiss my sweetie with my fists

(....metaphorical fists. )

some bearded stranger has left a little note in my blog saying i am mean, jealous and have no class. at least i assume this is what they meant, because, if i am good at anything it is assuming and wading through people's sloppy, little typos. it's true. that's just how we editor chicks roll.

now, there is mean and then there is mean.

my mean comes from love. love and deep appreciation of the very beautifully accomplished.

let us take literature. you have probably heard me rant about harry potter. more than once. i really get riled up. it is not like my 'mean-spiritedness' branches from some desire to hate jkrowling herself. it certainly doesn't stem from jealousy. it stems from my deep love of beautiful literature.

john berger, for example, is amazing. and the more i love berger, the more i hate jk rowling. really, she has no intimacy with the words she uses. why do anything in any medium (words, for example) if you're just going to disreguard the medium as a whole? successfully carrying a plot from point A to point B does not justify dressing your prose in sweat pants and leaving the curlers in, to me. if you use words you should be using words.

things that are done sloppily or stupidly prickle me at the very navel. sometimes i am dismissive about it. sometimes i can laugh it off. sometimes, it honestly is profoundly funny ( virgin's case). sometimes i boil right over. why? they offend me and everything that i love.

i guess the trick is adjusting my otherwise delicate nature to suck up the bad press, bite all bullets, and just take the criticism. like i said: there are much worse things to be than "mean". "mean" is just criticism. and my criticism is fueled by love, darlings.

frankly, not being critical about things just translates into: you have no appreciation for things that should be regarded highly. or you are too blind/stupid to even notice.

and you are wasting air, space, and everything that is valuable. because you will nicely tolerate our world full of complete, worthless crap.


Blogger Jonathan Ball said...

i was going on a rant the other day, as i am wont to do, about similar things... this is why i can't watch television any longer. it's not because it's all lousy, etc, but that it could be better without much effort. the worst is the reality tv phenomenon, which i will never understand. when television has devolved to the point where the commercials are 1) better written 2) better produced 3) more entertaining and 4) less annoying than the shows themselves, it's time to disconnect the cable. it's not that i won't watch good shows .... now that i've stopped watching tv, i've started piling up dvd seasons ... it's that i can't stand to accidentally see commercials for products that annoy the hell out of me, see commercials that are poorly done or completely stupid, see commercials for tv shows of which the commercials are the best part, etc. the worst is the whole failure to learn from previous successes. a good show like seinfeld comes along, and does incredibly well despite being very different from the shows surrounding it. then the networks water that show concept down to produce Friends, which wasn't that good, but was still better than most of its contemporaries in the sitcome world. also very successful. the lesson learned? "we must return to our pre-Seinfeld formula for failure!" and then everyone is surprised when sitcoms start failing. sigh. similar cases abound in this and other industries. particularly, i would say, the movie and music industries.

9:14 AM  
Blogger Jonathan Ball said...

sorry, i wrote "sitcome" .... i guess because it just feels like they are treating us all like stupid dogs.

9:16 AM  
Blogger echolalias said...

this is why i am shocked when people who spend hours in front of a tv watching "the OC" and etc, turn up their noses at me being in advertising...

and this is also why i totally miss getting HBO...

10:37 AM  
Blogger reg vardy said...

You seem like quite a pedantic person, in a good, humourous way, but the whole advertising thing is generally misunderstood by a bill hicks generation that believe it to be totally immoral yet the hypocrisy we all have derives from our own ideals and how unatainable or implausable they happen to be. Let it be. But, please, keep righting this fantastic blog.

10:58 AM  
Blogger echolalias said...

mr. vardy, you are a good man and i like you.


11:52 PM  

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