Wednesday, May 31, 2006

gay, gay and spooky gay

and then when you are done finding out how much of a homo you are, you can take a similar quiz which will let you know just how much of a homo your pet is. and then compare and contrast.

also, in other disturbing news... there is apparently more than one site for rating how cute kittens are (in hot or not style).
rate my kitten
cute little kittens

. 46% - i am, according to them, a 'happy & well adjusted hetero babe'. it is true!
. 50% - nixon (my beta fish) 'he's so lucky, as anything will do, he's happy with a furry cup and a big set of choppers too!

now apparently they do not like fish. i clicked the 'other' box and this was the result:

"sorry, but the sex lives of fish, reptiles and such are far too bizarre for us to examine! if you'd still like to know how gay your pet is then take the test and pretend it's another kind of beast!'

now if you ask me, pretending to be a different species is a crime way worse than homosexuality. but i did. so help me, i did.


Blogger reg vardy said...

20%, apparently too straight for modern times! I'm sorry but i'd quite like to contribute to the worlds population without "giving someone a sex toy as a present".

4:25 PM  

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