Monday, May 29, 2006

weak sauce/great aspects of rivers

rhianna and i, on a whim, rated the various bodies of moving water and fitted them into categories of 'weak sauce' & 'great'

weak sauce
o rills (should be obvious)
o rivers (they are used too often for crying and crying is horribly weak sauce)
o effluent streams (more than obvious)

o estuaries
o deltas
o tributaries

my other new hobby for the day/however long:

saucy, fake sex blog/learning site. i am thinking: ... but unlike most lame ones, my writing will fail to suck. and instead of rotting people's brains they can learn. who doesn't love learning? so, each steamy love adventure will feature a guest star! a dashing guest star in the form of education. education is the most dashing of them all. something like:

o the enchanting, naive vocabulary featured in none other than
o dinosaurs
o jive/ebonics
o provencal cooking
o spanish
o the ways in which democrats are pissing away the upcomming US election (you know it's sad, but true)


ps- tonight is the meeting for Filling Station. mark sent me a last-minute e-mail. i am reassured. i thought he changed his mind about having me on the editor's team. i am glad this is not the case.

if i were to rate my degree of "thrilled" on a scale of 1-10, i would have to land somewhere between 8.5 and 9. perhaps not so much. but mark will be there and his glasses and blushing demeanor bring me joy. how much? probably a 10. so much so, that i would go so far as to measure my joy on a 1-10 scale of blushing marks.

multiple choice time:

1-10 scale of blushing marks
a) a great idea?
b) the greatest idea?


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