Monday, May 29, 2006

due to overwhelming numbers who assume i am a *boy i have updated my profile. also, i am considering putting a picture of my own cleavage which is, frankly, much cuter than the virgin's. why? well it just is. and because my sternum is pierced down the center. my piercing is already on the interweb in sondra's portfolio. i wouldn't think that much of it.

multiple choice time!

symmetry is:
a) great.
b) the greatest.

*[variations of boy include: tosser (with male connotation), caveman (my apartment is actually pretty great and my roommate plays bagpipes), and some other things which suggest women wouldn't sleep with me (i guess this is true. despite looks i got in seattle, i do not like women at all. they make me crabby and i wind up squinting a lot. like an angry kitty. meow.)]

note: they also mispelled my name. i am used to this, though.


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