Sunday, May 28, 2006

lilac festival coverage

the calgary lilac festival is exactly the same as every other large, street-consuming festival ever made. which is to say, it is so gay it is homoerotic.

this gayness cannot be helped by the weather. it is cold. and rainy. and after weeks of 80+, ridiculous sun and topless men walking about, this chilly spurt hits especially hard. for me. i hate the cold so much. given the choice between being punched in the face and being cold, i would opt for the former.

the music booths are distasteful and the people (general crowd) are boring. at least in seattle there were weirdos to write home about. were there ever!

anyhow. there was nothing interesting at all. i would say this festival breaks down into pretty standard festival components:
35%- lame clothes (personality shirts, ugly knitted things, cheap sari's and really horrible belly-dance gear)
35%- fake ethnic jewellery. (hemp + seashells + things that could pass for tibetan)
15%- mystics, people who read spiritual crap (tarots, crystals, auras, palms, tea leaves..), and meditation booths
10%- food (on any other day i would say that there was not nearly enough ice cream)
5%- political booths/charities/etc. boring and pushy.


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