Sunday, May 28, 2006

silly but totally serious bear attack prevention tips

brought to you by: UDAP industries

"Bear attacks happen as fast as lightning!!!

Most situations where you will need to use your UDAP Bear Spray will be in a close surprise encounter. Practice, at least seven times going for your spray, or until you can reach it in a split second’s time when needed.

You may want to practice actually shooting from your holster with one of our inert cans. These cans have the same spraying power as our regular sprays without the hot pepper. For training purposes only, inert cans be purchased at half the price of our regular spray, we suggest also using outdated cans for this purpose. In a bear attack situation, we do know this: you will panic if you have not been trained ahead how you will think and react. Practice what you need to do in different attack situations.

Rehearse, with friends or family various situations in order to be prepared in a real life threatening situation."

o Keep dogs under control - dogs can lead an angry bear back to you.
(that sounds like foreshawdowing to a sorry, but it was either you or me, Mr. Peppers shotgun drama)

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