Tuesday, May 30, 2006

tocar mi codo

in light of rhianna's departure, we made with the goodbyes. each in our own special way. for me, well: rhianna and i stood around in my kitchen giggling at the various places we could point to while saying tocarme aquí ("touch me here").

how can elbows not win? they can't. that is, they can't not win. all double negatives point to: elbows are the winner.

list of helpful spanish sayings involving where to be touched

o elbow / tocar mi codo

o ankle / tocar mi tobillos

o both ankles / tocar mi ambos tobillos

o shoulder / tocar mi hombro

o nose / tocar mi nariz

o lozenges / tocar mi rotulas

o biggest toe / tocar mi el dedo gordo

o smallest toe / tocar mi el dedo del pie mas pequeno

o all-seeing eye / todo-ver el ojo

no preocuparte. lo haré mismo.
don't worry. i will do it myself.

also, i may or may not have joined a french speaking club last night while i drunk and thinking about all the neat things i am doing with filling station now. that is to say: a lot of neat things. i am busy, at last.


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