Wednesday, December 12, 2007

just another sad glove song. (plus freaky-but-nice update which isn't so sad.)

another old unpublished-til-now post.

so my pretty white gloves are no longer a happy pair. due to my sleep sensitivities and actually having dreams where i replace my alarm clock... i have downloaded a mac alarm applicaiton that launches and plays a list from my i-tunes. i picked out some nice songs that wake me up slowly (yo la tengo's "black flowers" and beirut's "elephant gun" are favorites. it also helps that music is nothing i have to hurry out of bed to turn off.

this has worked splendidly for about a week until i-tunes randomly asked me to upgrade. i woke up 40mins late yesterday morning. an in running for the bus one of my gloves must have dropped. it is nowhere. god knows how cute or how white it is either.

not that any of that really matters, i am just peeved at how many things i'm losing this week.

. my new id/access card (twice)
. keys (would have been lost but rhianna found them in one of her shoes)
. yoga top
. button
. coby (our $30 DVD player - actually he died but. that is still lost)

. fixed and cleaned coffee grinder thanks to lou - who actually opened & repaired it on his office desk...
. a basic comprehension of Norwegian

found my glove. it was laying across the seat of the bus stop bench two days later. the strange thing is, it wasn't there the day before and for all my wondering, i can't fathom how it got there. the most likely conclusion at this point? fairies. i posted this anyway, because... c'mon "another sad glove song"... that's an awesome title.


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