Monday, October 22, 2007


i'm never satisfied with how i leave people. goodbyes are such an awkward, uphill battle.

in person, on the phone... i'm not even sure which one is worse or more difficult. on the phone i try and deploy a little information followed by "bye". "i am going to do laundry now. goodbye." unfortunately, if the other person makes a comment regarding what i'm doing or just carries on one tidbit of conversation beyond this, i'm totally screwed and it turns into an awkward, panicking "well...okay, bye."

how do people say goodbye? i've tried

see you
goodnight/day (work but sometimes i am distracted and get them mixed up- not often, but it happens and i'd like to avoid that)
take care (creepy?)
have a nice ___ (sounds incredibly false and a lot of times i second guess the last word and halt mid-phrase. doesn't help.)

it's hard to pick up anything from the media.

on television: they don't do it at all. phone conversations are the worse, ending on random lines like "yeah i can come for dinner." and then they just snap their cell shut. one, i cannot snap anything shut, since i don't have a cell phone and two, it strikes me as unusually hostile to slam a phone down. i attempted this one time on the phone with rhianna, but i may or may not have spoiled it with "i am going to do that television hangup-thing now!" i slammed the phone down and then immediately felt like i'd hit a kitten. i looked at the phone waiting for some kind of response.

in books: they rarely mention this part, or if they do it's in a clever sort of last line fashion that is impossible to carry out in real life without looking like a total twat.

in person: unless i listen in on other people's conversations, this doesn't work either, obviously, because i'm involved in the conversation myself. i'm involved and making it awkward. also worth noting: sometimes people take my goodbye strategy and i'm left empty-handed.

i've smoothed out so many social awkwardnesses (i think only rhianna's seen enough to lump into any sum of what a social retard kaylen is?), but it doesn't seem to matter all that much when you're this lousy at last impressions.


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