Wednesday, December 12, 2007

annual winter show & sale review

finally posted some time after the fact...

this year's ACAD show&sale will be coming to you sans images. i know, it's sad, but with my brother in town i wasn't mindful of the usual routine. i'll bring a camera to the spring show&sale, i promise. for now, enjoy luxurious, verbal descriptions.

this year's favourites include:

1. painting of flying elephants.
2. what appeared to be a close-up of a hermaphrodite butt.
3. a curious amount of seahorse-themed work.
4. portrait of an old naked guy with really droopy man-bosoms.

then there were all the usual jmi hendrix fan arts and all the awful paintings that were too horrible to sell last year. ah, hope springs eternal.

i broke two paintings. not on purpose, i turned around, bumped into one and due to the shoddy way they're all resting precariously on pegs or leaning against other crappy art, it set off a chain reaction. two men lay dead on the field, frames scattered. there's no way to be sure they're destroyed as i bolted when the volunteer came over and said, "i think i can get these frames back on".


Blogger Jonathan Ball said...

kaylen, you've got "prepacriously" instead of "precariously"

1:07 PM  
Blogger kaylen said...

are you... afraid of it?

3:14 PM  
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