Thursday, September 20, 2007

your needs are white noise to my ears.

i used to be the ideal cat owner. really, i was very attentive and diligent to every pet following the great guinea pig death-sweep of 3rd grade. even when hippo was a tiny kitty, left to me by runaway roommate, i was right on top of things. what has happened that i am such a self-absorbed ignorer of cats these days? sure, i pet him and play with him, but this morning when i was growing increasingly frustrated with hippo (the meowing, the circling of ankles, the constant under-foot-ness) i was just about ready to fling the black bastard out the window when i realized...

"oh. you have no water..."

i would like it if this had been the first and only instance of its kind this week. but it's not.

time to write a "does the kitty need water?" post-it.


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