Monday, September 24, 2007

the best things in life are close to sea level.

ah, the mountains. cleavage of the earth. like the over-amplified bosom of some aging starlet, a wedding in banff has left me wondering how anyone could find those gigantic mounds of landscape (gigantic COLD landscapes) attractive. freakishly large, yes. but beautiful?

maybe the people of the plains are just excited about any landscape that isn't the same for about 50miles? though it's not even necessarily more interesting land. it's just...higher up land. colder land. land full of bears. and more tourists than either the mountains or bears know what to do with.

oh, the tourists. unlike cities, where you have a percentage of tourists and a percentage of locals, you just look at the mountains and know anyone you could possibly run into up there, will inevitably be a tourist. i assume it's too cold for squatting hippies and criminals.

anyhow. to celebrate my appreciation of the short, i bring you an especially cute kitten with unusually stubby legs.

(i know, i posted a youtube video. just click on it already. it's a kitten, for goodness sakes.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's lunch.

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