Monday, July 16, 2007

there are worse things i could do

inspired by rhianna's list

at least i am not:

1. toting around babies that i regret or everyone suspects i secretly regret. no babies.

2. a crazy sea captain with ugly business cards

3. a crazy cat lady/crazy candle lady/lady who likes meg ryan and jokes about meenstruation

4. a tense-jawed martial arts fanatic

5. riddled with the onset of menopause

6. a girl with a tail or job at a zoo

7. ashamed or even uncomfortable with my coffee addiction. it's all peachy.

8. in the cateogory of people who a) haven't read Remembrance of Things Past and b) don't get all the references that are honestly everywhere. because people who've read it like to plant smirky code to people who have.

9. a person who worries they'll never have a leg up in any stable career

10. a person who worries they'll never "find themself"

11. a person who claims to have "found themself"


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