Thursday, June 21, 2007

now who's that pretty lady in the neck brace?

themes for kathleen's bachelorette party:

. handsy-capped:
pass out wheelchairs, eye patches, make casts out of plaster of paris, and surely we know people with some crutches...stripper will show sexy pity on each of us in turn, i am guessing.

. bunny-rabies:
let us just say it involves a stripper swathed in bunny fur, inappropriate growling, and plenty of alka seltzer tablets in the gift bags. you can paint in the remaining details.

. Oh!CD:
make impossibly organized demands on the stripper who will be head-to-toe in shrink wrap. we will of course spray ourselves with disinfectant every time he comes near and act out several sexy, silly compulsive disorders.


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