Thursday, May 24, 2007

weirdest song title encountered in ....well, awhile.

so a post-dinner coffee craving left me bright-eyed and fidgety around the wee-er hours of the morning. "i have that huge toolbar of links for something", i reminded myself, and bummed around on the music blogs i frequent all too infrequently these days. somewhere in all this mess, i ran across an album which harbors the oddest song title i can remember reading in... well, it's been awhile. maybe since the Aquabats days.

album: Weird Nightmares - Meditations on Mingus

background: On this installment of Hal Willner's series of tribute albums, Willner assembled a house band for his guests (including Keith Richards, Chuck D, Elvis Costello, Bill Frisell, Vernon Reid, Charlie Watts, Gary Lucas, Leonard Cohen, and Henry Rollins) to sit in with. Weird Nightmares - Meditations on Mingus is predictably uneven and wildly entertaining; it is a fitting tribute to the genius of Charles Mingus.

track 15: "The Shoes of the Fisherman's Wife Are Some Jive Ass Slippers"

beat that.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Even better (tittle wise) is the Mingus track
"All The Things You Could Be By Now If Sigmund Freud's Wife Was Your Mother"

12:24 PM  

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