Thursday, May 10, 2007

things i have learned from this moving experience

every time i move, there's a ridiculous spectrum of lessons. easy lessons, and very pricey lessons. this move was mostly just the latter.

pricey lessons:
. paint colour lesson:"fawn taupe" = "moldy pink" (price of about $60 to re-paint + exhaustion on top of it)

. sanitary lesson: single men do not scrub tiles (price of an upper arm muscle and two knuckles)

. pilates balls take actual air pumps to inflate (price of sore cheeks and some mild dizziness)

inexpensive lessons:
. squirrels love eating window screens (price of a couple hours of sleep this morning and a squirt or three of vinegar)

. squirrels hate being squirted with vinegar (received intense gratification and some angry chittering)


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