Saturday, April 21, 2007

best of show & sale spring 2007

if you thought the winter show & sale was great, just wait until you see the harvest reaped this spring. all the artists have had another term to grow brave and pursue other lame, untalented interests. you'll see glitter, you'll see hats, you'll see things only art students see in their souls (after copious amounts of mushrooms). enjoy the highlights (though i ran out of room on my camera for cheetahs wearing red parade hats). "poodles with hats" is mine. do let me know yours.

ants on colourful background

ugly uterus-monster in clouds

some sculpture titled "fish?"

ethnic people!

ugly tulips

wolf and fence

some cop and illegal immigrant climbing a fence

flying frog

someone used glitter. hooray!

poodles with hats- are they magicians? or are they going to a birthday party? you decide.


skeleton rock stars

who knows. he doesn't look well, though.

splotchy art

don't worry if these get snatched up–there's a whole pile of them.

and then there are the pieces that make the splotchy ones look like they were efforts

and someone who laminated a page from their sketch book

and here's some glimpses at the stairs of hideous


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