Friday, March 30, 2007

my new hobby - the jewish singles network.

i think i saw it on family guy, and just went there out of boredom. i didn't expect to find it was a real place- lo and behold, it was and now i am listed as "willing to convert". little do they know i really mean

willing to convert:
fractions into decimals
oxygen into carbon dioxide
wine into sex
water into urine
gay into bi
money into goods and services
fahrenheit to celsius (with the help of the internet)
jews into atheists

also, after finding out i am probably some high-functioning girl with aperger's syndrome, i was contemplating a singles' network for people with the same syndrome- covering the whole spectrum.

profile questions include
what are you here for: 'someone to take care of me long-term', 'one-night organization party', 'just talking- don't touch me!', 'i want to put things up your nose'.

what kind of music do you listen to: 'classical', 'none'

what is your favorite color?
what colors should your date avoid wearing?

and all the questions explain exactly what to do. ex- "if it is orange, hover your mouse and click over the box in front of 'orange' to the left of the screen right beside this question before moving on to the next one. if your colour to avoid is 'red'...."


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