Friday, March 30, 2007

blog death

roots in the term "bed death". something that happens to the hottest of homos, in droves. in a relationship that doesn't have any end-point, or obvious expiration date, it's difficult to keep laying out the track week after week in the same direction. sure, moods change. whims change. and some weeks, fuckall happens. sometimes too many interesting things happen, and the things are so busy happening i don't wind up writing anything until all i've got is: "so...i woke up bored and wondered why my roommate always sets his stuff on the right sideof the sink and moves mine to the left...why the left? maybe i would like the right for a change."

that is something temporary. everyone who has a blog has brief-to-month-long bursts of blog-ennui, blog-related guilt, or cyclic "i am writing crap out of guilt, and it's horrible, and my hate/shame drives me even further from wanting to write-so i put it off until i write another guilt-piece" moods. i am in the latter, right now.

in a forum/relationship (if blogs are actually relationships...) that just has no forseeable end, how do you keep doing it? and...should you? should specialty blogs roll with the punches, go through name changes, get reassignment surgery, or should they be ended, closed, and left in some archived form for posterity?

in the instance of 'girl with a one-track mind', whose mind has been anything but one-track since she was outed: should she keep on adding posts that conflict with her blog title/established identity? or should she end the blog, and start writing elsewhere? (please not the newyorker). how long can people stay interested in her charity efforts? people came there for sex, stayed for sex, and either have found something else to enjoy, or they're just running on the fumes...or they've left. because it's not like they suddenly stop wanting what they came for originally.

i find it refreshing to carry on several blogs- i get tired of one, i can write about something different in another forum...but then i could easily wind up with ten blogs and that's spreading yourself a bit thin...

if i had the energy for it lately, i'd probably open an ad blog (and get eaten alive), a music blog, and a fake 'girls don't like sex' blog.


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