Tuesday, February 13, 2007

pee for two

well, folks, it's almost V-day. i hope you have someone special–some gal or guy who will blow your mind, share their ice cream and...well, pee on you. see, i am a liberal blog keeper lately. and you have a good day between now and the time you should be...well, y'know. having dinner. watching movies. holding hands. or peeing on each other. for no reason i can think of, i am tremendously amused by 'peeing' today. have you noticed? oh, you're gonna!

okay, to clarify? it's not like i sit there in the washroom giggling. don't be gross. i just like talking about peeing, and accusing people of peeing on things. and saying 'pee'. seriously, i can't stop saying 'pee', people.

ha ha... people.

peter: it is raining on my socks...
me: from little house-clouds?
or are you peeing.
peter: no, neither. they are being punished.
they have to stay out in the rain.
me: iiii...
think you are peeing on them.
peter: *eek!*
me: peeing peeing
peter: that is the basest calumny
me: marking the territory of your little, own socks.
i blame roommates :`) they induce that kind of foot weather.
...and peeing.
peeing and peeing and peeing.
peter: roommates are a bad influence.
me: pee sur la pee.

other fun things to say with 'pee':
that's crazy! pee crazy!
crazy as pee!
what the pee?
pee no.
like pee i will.
pee that.


Blogger Jonathan Ball said...

hey kay, got your myspace message --- i haven't been around lately because i've been in and out of town since xmas, right now i'm in saskatchewan and then i'm going to winnipeg and then back to calgary but then right away i'm gone again to atlanta. through all of this i am studying like mad for an exam that is really important and about two days after i get back from atlanta. so i'm pretty much a globetrotter until sometime in march. however, i will be at the broken city film night on the 21st (6-9), and if you want to come to that i hear that $9 will get you a pasta dish and also a screening of part 1 of the bob dylan doc along with my own short film Spoony B. then i'm around until the 27th so if i don't see you then we can maybe go for coffee sometime in there. i haven't read those books yet because i simply am too far behind on my school readings, but will have them read for april. anyway, let me know if you'll be at broken city or if you want to grab some coffee instead, email me because i hate myspace and don't like to receive messages on it (i only have a page so i can view my friend's pages, the site sucks and is badly designed, as i'm sure you've already noticed)

7:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about "pee whiz!", which works on 2 levels?

11:39 PM  

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