Wednesday, February 28, 2007

after very little thought at all... you know what's gay?


sure, most photos are of questionable sexual orientation in and of themselves (we will leave precious pony photos out of this, for the time being), but give a quick little think into who wants photographs. who doesn want photos? no one but homosexuals, that's who.

there are three other ways in which people come to desire photographs.

1. they are parents blinded by how adorable they suppose their kids are. they (like my father) buy SLR cameras in order to pursue amateur photography/cover things in unwanted children. usually children being messy. when children grow up, vacation scenes extend to include more landscapes...some flower shots, and then it ends.

2. young globetrotters who believe they've had a moving experience in asiat–take black & white photos of temples, poverty, or people with wrinkles. soetimes children with flies on their face. mountain or two. these will be hung around their apartments forever. usually on accent walls.

3. young people who are not globetrotters but believe they are moved by people with wrinkles/temple photos.

everyone else who craves the purchasing and ownership of framed photographs, without exception, are raging homosessuals.


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