Sunday, January 28, 2007

how to insult a lady and/or tell her she is delicious, according to elvis movies.

it wasn't the gyrating king of sequins himself, but a couple of black thugs in change of habit (elvis + mary tyler moore movie flail) who start insulting the black nun in a way i just have to marvel at... that is, a baffling cross between condescension and... wait a minute...compliments? he says it like an insult. but then you pause and have to wonder if he is coming on to her.

example #1: "she's not black...she's just been dipped in maple syrup."

example #2: "no you won't [keep fighting us]. you're too sugary sweet to fight back"

if you haven't watched this movie, you should. if only for the chance to see elvis cure autism by holding a girl's feet and saying "i love you"...and of course performing the song we all know (and love) as "Rubberneckin".


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