Monday, January 22, 2007

VC physical/mental preprecussions

at dwight's condo-warming party last weekend, a bunch of the VC gang were discussing all our quirks and the various ways in which our major has damaged us- ranging from the mild (crying under tables, circles under eyes...) to the extreme (one girl had to leave because her face froze up under stress-related paralysis. it's not something you recover fully from.)

personally, i can attest to:

a) indecision over small things (no, rhianna, this isn't just me apparently- pretty much everyone in the room said they were rendered completely incapable of deciding things that weren't related to a project...)

b) i really didn't tell anyone but i went blind for a day. third year. i had a breakdown one night and the next morning the alarm clock goes off, i snap on the light and .... nothing. i wave my hand in front of my face. i panic. and my general response to anything physically disturbing (breaking my foot, for example) is to pretend it didn't happen and sleep. so i basically missed a day of class and shed some under-eye circles. and that was that.

c) nervous twitches

d) lots of hyperventiating and crying. i turned in few projects that didn't have tear drops on the cover.

e)others: the usual paper cuts, sleeplessness, followed by insomnia...caffeine addictions, a bruised tailbone, migraines, and i passed out in class once.


Blogger Idoru said...

you have got shit on me, papercut wise. my natural enemies are now citrus and vinegar. but i never did went blind.

1:58 AM  
Blogger echolalias said...

you didn't know me my second year, when every project had to be hand-cut from paper. i had shit on you then, believe me. these days i stay far away from that business.

1:56 PM  

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