Wednesday, January 31, 2007

why do i want these things in my bed...?

so my stress energy is manifesting itself in raging nesting rituals. for example my sudden need to buy new sheets... proving more difficult than you'd think. is anything not flannel these days? yuck, flannel. i canonly find really repulsive colours in normal sheets. why doesn't american apparel hop on that boat?

i don't really feel like investing ungodly amounts (again) at the specialty bedding store in my neighbourhood but the options are so limited...and hideous.

who names these sheets? do any of these sound like anything you want to put in your bed?

. mushroom
. cedar (green)
. straw
. butter

and i guess all they could come up with for blue was "navy".

other suggestions for sheet-colour names, by me:

. gray = razor blades
. blue = puddle of windex
. white = angry persian kittens
. brown = scalding coffee
. green = people with advanced leprosy
. orange = feral pony
. off-white = curdled milk
. stripes = itchy
. dark blue = navy

and of course, i would recommend the democrats print pictures of their daddys on linen. four words? martha stewart home collection.


Anonymous Guillermo Sanchez said...

I would like sheets in SARS yellow, please.

8:57 AM  
Anonymous Lisa said...

I work at American Apparel and believe me, I will just die from overjoy the day that we bring out sheets.. for now, we got blankets.

American Apparel

4:50 PM  

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