Monday, January 08, 2007

things i have left with marc

. raging sleep deprivation

. sweet sweet memories of what it is like to have a drunken me insert a tube of burt's bees chapstick up his precious left nostril while making "shhhh... shhhh... no...hush." sounds of reassurance.

. a handfull of blank cd's that were in his car- i named them "ben", "cesaro", etc and drew animals on them. an alpaca, some duck-billed platypuses, birds and dancing peanuts. he thinks everything from my whales to birds to dancing peanuts with top hats are phallic in some sense...

. a general notion of 'how not to mix drinks' as demonstrated by yet another instance of drunken me.

. memories of reading risque little beat stories to me in bed from over the rainbow? hardly. (collection of short seizures'

. memories of naming fish at petsmart (and meowing at them)

. catch phrases: "(insert noun/verb/anything)?"; "is that a euphemism?"; inversions "what isn't a euphemism?"; "your mother (pause) twice.""if i had a band it would be called (insert last thing said)"

. the knowledge that i referred to all his friends and friends of friends as "negroes" and "bitches" on our way out of the party

. swollen lips & pocket change

. bad local art. but he had that to begin with. oh, button nebula...

. an understanding of how to criticize museum artwork in a way that will probably get you either a) lots of giggles or b) more than a lot of disapproving looks

. drunken me epithelias. epithelials everywhere.

. irreverence and irreverence again.

. possibly an earring

. jealous jewess (slightly frizzy)

. a mind that is sufficienty blown. i do have these disclaimers for a reason....


Anonymous Cesaro the Alpaca said...

things you forgot to list:

- one thousand hot pink curly hairs
- one "frownie"
- a bar of soap
- battle scars
- buckaroo bean chili
- identification of neighbor bringing sexy back to the shower
- the word "PRESIPUSS" on my whiteboard

7:51 AM  
Blogger echolalias said...

on your whiteboard and in your soul :`)

2:35 PM  

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