Thursday, December 28, 2006

06 random list

book: i will put elsewhere.

i don't really have any lists. just brief, unplaceable rants.

rant #1. the decemberists (the crane wife): what's to even say. disappointment like a hippo sitting on my heart or a ketchup packet. i don't have a single song from that album on my i-tunes playlist (which for no real reason hasn't been re-named from the original "pimp boat")... i was so unmoved. it's such a gigantic leap into mediocrity/predictability. every singe song seemed to borrow formula bits from former songs on former, better, albums. no surprises. no elevations. just rotation. endless rotation with decent lyrics. boo, colin meloy. boo.

rant #2. joanna newsome (ys): gimmick gimmick gimmick. the bands that have gimmicks (the voice/application of neutral milk hotel; the oldschool-ness of tim ericksen; oddness of animal collective, of montreal, etc) are bands that i start out loving and they just make bigger and bigger erruptions in my heart/brain every time i listen to them. joanna, i tire of so quickly. she makes music seem like another tour of a castle in scotland. st first it's like "yay! castles! i love castles!" and then it slowly/quickly becomes "oh wow, another castle. how interesting." (deadpan)... just another castle. in scotland. and i want to wander off to a bar somewhere.

rant #3. of montreal (hissing fauna, are you the destroyer?): i am not waiting a year to say how awesome this album is and how much i like them. just...yay. yay for of montreal, who continue to give me joyful soul-erruptions. so hard

survey says "this made me want to jump off a cliff in 2006"
. breastfeeding
. bitches who breastfeed right in front of me
. australians
. people who discovered borat and talked, constantly, about funny things from the movie. and yes: we all know the testicles scene was too far.
. "ancient grains" bread
. local food trend
. information design
. fibre/textile majors
. those ham sandwich wraps they serve in the cafeteria- they smell like B.O. . inexplicably.

honest-to-the-blood-of-the-lamb epiphanies:
. australians and i are incompatible (kathleen's peter excluded)


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